Special Announcement from Sam Lee

To all Vidilook Beta account holders

Vidilook’s Beta version has become unsustainable and I have made the difficult decision to cease wallet payments from the platform, effective immediately.

While I understand this decision may be met with some ill feeling, I want to impress upon you that I will not leave you without some form of recompense.

In the past 15 days I have paid 1 million dollars in Beta fees to your accounts,

In 7 days time that number will reach 2 million,
In 14 days time the number will be 4 million,
In 21 days time the number will be 8 million.

Amounting to

256 million in 8 weeks and 4 billion in 12 weeks given the exponential rise in the accounts.

In 6 months when the Beta remedy was to finish, 67.1 trillion dollars would have been paid out.
That’s more than the gross domestic product of many combined Western countries.

Given the total deposits in Beta are currently a shade over 60 million, I would be being asked to pay 1,000,000 times more than I promised, sadly the end result is an,

Immediate halt to the Beta version of Vidilook.

This will not effect the other projects currently underway and I hope with the remedy I will offer you as compensation for the loss of Vidilook Beta, you will continue to endorse Vidilook live, StableDao and of course WeAreAllSatoshi.

The remedy

I have set up a task force to collate and ready your initial deposits when funded into Vidilook Beta, formerly known as the original “Vidilook” so we can begin a buy back system of your accounts.
Yes, I will buy back your account of the initial deposit you made into the platform.

Never before has an offer of this magnitude been undertaken and I want to stress to you all that I hear your pain. I see your situation and I understand your frustration and for this reason I put my management fee of 2% of WeAreAllSatoshi up as the source of the payments for buy back.

My task force will be making further announcements in the upcoming days and I hope you will appreciate the lengths they will go to for you to see a result.

                         ViDilook Beta Version Buy Back

To our valued ViDilook customers, this announcement is a follow up to the recently released statement made by Sam Lee about the Buy Back system he intends to implement.

It has been agreed to by the Buy Back Task Force that we ask to complete the following to enable the beginning of the Buy Back process.

If you do NOT have a StableDao account, you will need to get one as only payments will be made to KYC’d StableDao customers.

Join StableDao for free now and KYC your account (know your customer documents).

Join WeAreAllSatoshi now for free as well.

If you already have a StableDao account KYC’d you simply await our next instructions. If you need to KYC , please do so as soon as possible, we wish to begin payments.

We will implement a payment system which advantages the most disadvantaged people effected by the closure of the Beta version.

This will include, but will not be limited to, the people with the smallest deposits as they are considered to be the most in need.

Rumors are circulating by the unscrupulous that we intend to pay ourselves in the Task Force first, this is wrong and we will be last, it is our wish to see you all recompensed before us.

Sam Lee is not the owner of ViDilook, he supplied the underlying tech which it runs on and felt as such, that he had an obligation to help people recover their impending loss of income as he saw the problems developing.

More information coming soon, save this page and refer back to it for further details as they become available.


– Login to your StabeDao account  *(account must be KYC’d)*

– Click on Profile

– Click on Golden Parachute

– Select the company as ViDiLOOK

– Enter your ViDiLOOK referral code under the Company Referral Code

– Enter your bank details to where you want to receive the payment

*How to find your Company Referral Code*

⁃ Login to ViDiLOOK

⁃ Click on Profile

⁃ Copy your Invitation Code (Top left)

*How to find Amount Deposited into your ViDiLOOK BETA Account*

⁃ Login to ViDiLOOK BETA

⁃ Click on Profile

⁃ Click on Deposit Records

⁃ Here you will see Total Deposited (Top of screen)

⁃ IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number

⁃ BIC means Bank Identification Code

⁃ A SWIFT code (or SWIFTBIC, as it’s sometimes known) is a code that helps overseas banks identify which bank to send money to

*Please contact your bank directly – we can’t answer this for banks in other countries*                                           

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